February 18, 2014

The Accomplice of Evil Dr. Porkchop

So you know how I proudly proclaimed that Bocephus was mommy's boy?

It turns out either he was faking it or I have been seeing things because this cat belongs to one individual and one individual only.

Sure, he spent his entire kittenhood attached to my neck. Sure, he plays with Daddy at bedtime and sleeps on his head pretending to moonlight as Daddy's boy. And sure, he and Andy have a special bond. All of that is still very true because Bo has room enough to love everyone.

But, he is promised to one little peep.

Bobo belongs to Mabel Rae with his whole heart.

She carts him around everywhere and considering how looooong Bo is, he uncurls to her full height. But still, she carries him around with his toes dragging the carpet and still, he lets her. He even purrs when she swaddles him like a baby. He loves to follow her into the potty because something exciting happens everywhere she goes. She scratches his ears and chin while she's supposed to be sleeping so he's declared her bed as his favorite night-night spot. He sleeps at the foot of her bed (hanging off both sides) for a portion of every night and I've found him more than once on her pillow, curled around her head and licking her hair. 

I think he came into our home as a kitten and she's treated him like a baby ever since. He's just grateful for the attention. 

So now he supervises her every move. Especially bathtime.

And especially if there are toys floating in the water. He usually reaches in with his paw to play, too. And yes, he's gone "swimming". Bobo loves the water. This time Mabes was pretending that the evil Dr. Porkchop had sent Bo to chase her dolphins. Scuurrrry!

Sweet love. 

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