February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Eames shell chairs, always and forever. I'm'a find me some white ones someday.

2. LOVE the Free People Gentry boot

3. Cranberry, gray, and black is a favorite combo of mine.

4. Killer idea.

5. One day I will come across an awesome quilted coat shoved into a thrift rack and I will brag and brag and brag. Also, I love the scarf, the black pants, and the ankle boots in this outfit.

6. You go, girl. You stick that vintage tank right up next to the designer skirt, and please do throw on an awesome bib necklace and do your hair up prairie-girl style. ROCK ON.

7. Dear Bryr clogs, please become cheaper and more available. Amen.

8. This.

9. Birkenstocks for spring? Love this.

10. I like these suggestions!

11. Denim jackets with black pants will always be top notch. Always.

12. I love the soft, messiness of this french twist. My hair is almost long enough to try it.

13. New favorite website: www.intothegloss.com - LOVE the beauty articles and I think one of the contributers may obsess about hair as much as I do!

14. These jeans are amazing!

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And now:

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