February 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. While I don't scrap often anymore, I still adore a great font. Free fonts, HERE

2. This reclaimed wood headboard. WOW.

3. If you aren't reading www.vintagerevivals.com, you should. DIY pendant lights, HERE

4. Wendy, didn't you tell me you macrame? Ever make something like this? I am in LOVE with woven textiles.

5. Summer is coming. I can feel it trembling under the snow (probably shivering from the cold). I love this tee. A lot.


6. This is my favorite Free People necklace. It does weigh a ton and my husband has to put it on/take it off for me, but I adore it.

7. I was thrilled when I found this breakfast suggestion from Ree Drummond. Roasted zucchini and summer squash with tomatoes and eggs. Paleo and delicious!

8. If there were ever a television couple that would make an amazing real couple (you know, if they were single and stuff) it would be Mer and Der. LOVE them. Such chemistry.

9. Here's another blog you've gotta devour: www.thebeautydepartment.com

10. Ladies, look at the ankles. They're ripped off. Amaze.

11. I adore Bethany Menzel. She's got a great blog and a wonderful heart for The Lord. Plus, her style makes me swoon. Love her hair here!

12. Wanted: Maxi dress plus slub cardigan. 

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