February 27, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. I have two kids that swim against the grain a little. They are 'weird' and I don't want them to change a single bit. Because being a little weird is being AWESOME. It's what God asked us! Be different, be an individual. Don't follow the "in crowd." Love, love, love weird. We all have a freak flag, people. Just just can't be afraid to fly it.

2. Ahem. Yes.

3. Cakies always has the cutest crafts. I LOVE this. It is a wire hanger, bent, and covered with yarn.

4. Gorgeous living room.

5. Oh, I love this one, too! Look at that ceiling and the fanciness of it all... paired with that ginormous skull. Bwahahahahahaaa...

6. I used to wear a baseball hat all the time in high school and after. It was a JCrew color block wool cap and I have a senior picture of it. I love this black/charcoal version. I wear one when I golf, but seriously may need to look into this again. I miss my hat.

7. Love this pony tail and the long, shaggy sides.

8. Dear awesome lipstick, please come into my life. Amen.

9. Love this outfit. A lot.

10. Would you note the awesome DIY on these skinnies? This chick chopped the extra length clean off at the ankle!

11. While I'm not about revealing my breasts in public, I do love this combo. I think there is a lot of great inspiration here: the hair, the denim, and the black underneath. A deep vneck would accomplish the same feel, I think. Love it.

12. Why, hello darling hair.

13. Of all the homemade books I've seen on the interwebs, a family recipe book may be my most favorite of all. I am suddenly inspired to thoroughly interview Nana.

14. I am 100% in love with this tattoo and placement. WOW.

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