February 19, 2014


Every day this week I’ve had the same breakfast: almonds, grapes, and swiss cheese.  Seriously, remarkably good. I am blessed to live in a country where such good stuff is available, you know?

I have a small bone to pick this morning but I’m doing my damndest to let that dog lie. On the ground where it belongs. Even though I’d rather kick it.
Folks, I have discovered Evernote. Have you? It is an app that is available for just about every smart device out there and it allows you to keep track of details, lists, appointments, recipes – anything you want across all of your devices at the same time. It’s encrypted, password-protected, and FREE.  I have the ability to make a note about a meeting the next day and then pull that note up on my phone AND at my work computer. I can make an interactive grocery list and send it to my husband. Christmas list with links. Changes are live. It is AMAZING. Oh – and while Pinterest is a great spot to keep all of my ‘nice to have’ ideas, when I am ready to make imminent plans and want to scour the interwebs for details (what, don’t you?), I can clip them all to Evernote and search it when I’m ready. Evernote will actually search for text within images. And there is a partner app (also free) called Penultimate, which allows me to make handwritten lists and mark up photos. Hello, diagramming my living room redesign! So, so cool. Check it out, Peeps!

This weekend I plan to make Paleo cocoroons. They are similar to macaroons, but are Paleo. I bought some at my local crunchy locale and noticed that the ingredients were simply raw, shredded coconut, lemon zest and juice, coconut oil, and almond flour. Uhhhh… ok! I considered it a personal obligation to make them myself from that point forward. I might even throw some dried fruit into a few. Or cacao chips if I’m feeling particularly naughty that day. I will report back, don’t you fret none.

Oh Lord. I have a confession to make. Promise y’all will still speak to me after this? Bryon and I have two new favorite television shows that we are particularly embarrassed about: Party Down South and Myrtle Manor. Yes, yes, I know. The kids aren’t allowed to watch and more than once we’ve closed our own eyes to prevent ‘Lil Bit’s little bits from being seared into our brains. That said, it is like a train wreck I can’t stop staring at. We laugh out loud all the time. Please join us in shaking your heads, too, because it is crazy. Our favorite thing is to catch up on all of our southern, swampy reality shows at once. Hoooo-ey!

So I cleaned my closet a little. After writing my post about wardrobe updating, I just had to. I made a very thorough list of alllllllllll of my clothing and categorized it according to absolute KEEP and ‘meh.’ I am clearly not finished. I thought the purging would make much more of an impact, honestly. I still have to go back through and be tougher on myself, I think. Also, I’m still combining winter and summer into one closet for these last few chilly weeks. Months? Sigh, whatev, Winter.  Anyway, once I take out some of the winter items, I fully expect it to be much more manageable.

I’ve been drinking more than 2 liters of water per day for the past couple of weeks. While I positively do not appreciate having to urinate so frequently, I have noticed a remarkable difference in my body. The water weight drops, digestion is better, and my skin is softer. That’s the one that surprised me: my face doesn’t look so dry anymore!

I talked to my mommy recently and she’s surviving under the 68” of snow they have back east. She always picked on me for living out here in Da Plains where the ‘winters are so long and cold and snowy.’ Uh huh. Judy is no longer allowed to blame the weather. Sorry, Mom. You win this year. You win lowest temperature and most snow! PLEASECOMEMOVEOUTHERE.

While we were back east last year, we bought my mother a new television and brought her broken one home. After a $17 kit on Amazon and some spot welding, the broken one is no longer broken, but blaring Blanche Deveraux in my bedroom. This means our television was passed down to Andrew, who has been acting mature enough to earn some private television viewing in his room. He was ecstatic. The first thing he did was watch all of the Star Wars movies in a row, 4 times. He’s always been a Star Wars fan, but now we’ve bumped up into the category of quotations, jokes, and Chewie noises every day.

[Scrapbook page from 2007]

Mabel rediscovered George the monkey this week. Remember Andy’s monkey George? He was a gift from Nana the first time we lived with her and he carried him around for about 8 years. [As an aside, I have searched all over for a photo of Andy and George and cannot find the one I want. Must come back to this later.] Mabel really didn’t care for George until recently. He laid at the bottom of her toy box until this week. Now she’s been carting George around and dressing him (her?) up in her dolly clothes. He’s not nearly as precious to her as horse Lucy, but she loves him alright. Andrew was very jealous at first, wanting to keep George (and all of his Andy memories) hidden away. Gradually he agreed that she could play with George, just so long as she gave him a new last name.

He is now George Lucas.

Oh my.

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