March 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday!

We had a lovely weekend. The weather warmed up just enough for the snow to begin to melt. It was over 50 degrees on Sunday, so we grilled a pork loin and the kids played outside (in the mud) for HOURS. Daddy got their bikes down and they rode and played and screamed. Oh, how they screamed. It was super loverly.

There was wrestling.

There was reading.

There was me, finally hanging up the two prints in the living room only to find out that I am still short one creamy white photo mat (damn it!).

There was lots and lots of cleaning. Just ask the girls. I can finally see the floor in their room.

There was volleyball.

There was homemade coleslaw with apples and celery and one very, very happy neighbor.

There was yummy mommy and daddy time, which is too R-rated to discuss with my mother reading.

There was also family unification, yo. Let me tell you all something. I love this family that I'm in. My in-laws are my favorite. My favorite. Bryon's mother is my second mama. His sister is like my own, which means her kids feel like my own, too. God has truly blessed us with one another.

There was also goofing.

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