March 14, 2014

It's Friday, Y'All

I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. Wow. It's been a great week, but I am ready to sleep in. Not that I ever sleep past about 7:30 but that's an hour extra for me on the weekend. Anyway.

This week, we discovered new music from Coldplay. Husband was listening and shared his earbud with me, all romatic-like in the bed. I love it when he shares his earbud with me, all romantic-like in the bed.

Also this week, we discovered that Trevor has won the guido-stache contest between himself and Andrew. Both are sprouting hairs but neither made the full pass to puberty until this week. Trevor is going to need to shave his pencil thin mustache pretty soon and his pits are... well, I am in denial.

We discovered that Hayley likes to talk about her serious crush. I giggled and her dad passed out.

We discovered that Mabel is still being Mabelish while riding on the bus (aka naughty); good thing she's the bus driver's pet.

And last night we also discovered that Spring maybe, just maybe, might be right around the corner. It was the perfect night for the first bonfire of the year.

Except it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow again.

And now:

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