March 6, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. If you are spending your time on it, it better be worth all of your effort. Or you maybe shouldn't be doing it.

2. This living room makes me swoony.

3. And so does this one! Would you LOOK at that hot pink coffee table that you could totally DIY yourself?

4. I did this to my bedroom in high school to try to connect with my natural inner self (this was also the time period wherein I listened to Enya, Enigma, and didn't eat meat or shave my underarms). I love this amped up version with the netting above and fur beside. Too cool.

5. Oh be still my heart!

6. Love this gold eye liner.

7. I am intrigued by using the plow pose as a treatment for insomnia. Wonder if Bryon could bend into this?

8. Vintage hardware makes everything better.

9. Love bangles like this one.

10. This furniture upcycling project makes me swoon.

11. Gorgeous hair.

12. Mothers, please know this. PLEASE.

And now:

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