March 12, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Always, John.

2. Love, love, love the warmth of this family room.

3. I think my tattoo style is defining itself. I love the black lines. This placement looks painful, but I love it.

4. Hello, darling hair.

5. Why don't more people mini braid just because? Myself included!

6. I LOVE this idea! Making letters out of Airheads candies for birthday cakes. Totally easy.

7. Have I shown these before? I have maybe shown these before. I love these plates. Like, wow.

8. Cute iPad case!

9. Here you are, People. If you aren't a type A personality, then you may not appreciate this. But this defines my body and I am proud of it.

10. Cute front braid and messy bun! Lulu, can you rock this?

11. I die. I die!!! So darling and those boots. OMG.

12. Erin Wasson has my heart. Love her style. Ripped jeans + vintage blouse. That is the moral of this story right here.

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And now:

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