March 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Dear Spring, please be sprung. I need to wear me some jeans with holes more often.

2. I love this Free People bralette. Gorgeous.

3. Blue oxford and black skirt: classic. Love.

4. Sarah Rutson, I love your style. And your hair. Amen.

5. This vintage bag is killlllller.

6. Glitter shadow is on my list this spring. LOVE this. Delicate and smoky at the same time.

7. Also on my list? Essie's Cute as a Button polish.

8. Love this outfit.

9. Leave it to Emerson Fry to not only come up with the best booties ever (which I cannot afford) but to also invent the coolest way to wear them with zippered jeans. I mean, are you kidding me? This is awesome!

10. Have I posted this before? I swear I've posted this before. I LOVE this bag. This looks like the easiest DIY ever, too.

11. Hello, darling little girl room with doxie dog.

12. I'm so tempted to trim Mabel's front like this. Except: NO BANGS. Her colics would kill her. She'd never be able to grow it out. But this is darling!

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And now:

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