March 27, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. You bet your ass. Don't give up!

2. *Faints* LOOOOOVE this necklace.

3. You know, when I go out in my sequined maxi skirt, I often wear my denim jacket all button up and cool-lookin'. Or I would if I did anyway. This is awesome.

4. I know, I know. The gold pants. But really, THE GOLD PANTS. I need them in my life.

5. I want to learn to macrame and weave so that I can make a wall hanging for our home. Maybe eleven of them.

6. I am loving this ripped denim skirt trend. I've been searching my thrifts for them, but the right one has not emerged yet. Patience. So casual.

7. Well here we have the 1, 2 punch: Erin Wasson and Free People. Love the skirt and her hair and swoon!

8. Loving these Liberty short slouch boots, too.  I have a pair of old Frye's I hardly wear. I'm thinking of doing this to them.

9. I'm not sure there would ever be an occasion in my life to paint Native American beauty on my back. But if there ever were I'd be up for it.

10. Love this asymmetrical tank.

11.  Vintage clock, you remind me of Grandma Bertha's nightstand.

12. This midcentury cupboard is my favorite. The wall color, the rug, the black and white - they make me all swirly.

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