April 30, 2014

Acrostic Poetry

Hayley came home recently, very excited to share her acrostic poems from school.

When I asked her if I could share them on the blog for the world to see, she was even more excited. And so, with her blessing I present to you our acrostic poems:

(and please do nevermind the extra E in my name)

Relaxing to me
Equal shares to everybody
A good friend
Cherishes everything
Holland is her home country
Even when she's mad, she's still a friend
Laughing is her #1 talent

Brave as a lion
Respectful, trustworthy
Your best friend
Our #1 dad
No better dad in the world

Well, there you have it. This concludes our lesson in acrostic poetry from awesome children.


April 29, 2014

Girls Are Weird. And Messy.

There are times when I am overcome by clutteryness and sloppiness... oh Lord, there are times. The girls' room is generally almost always a pit. A mess. A disaster of epic proportions. I hate going in there except to kiss and slurp on them.

Basically both of the girls lie routinely about putting away clothing and instead they stuff it around the room and hide it under things like cute squirrels. Both of them are also allergic to putting things back where they belong. We are constantly repeating ourselves, "Barbies go in with the Barbies. Put the dollbaby clothes with the dollbaby clothes. Legos go with the legos!" and so on. Also Mabel is a pickpocket and will swipe anything cool from her brothers in the blink of an eye, leaving boy things hidden everywhere as well. And don't even smile about the 'cute' artwork on the walls because we have done the poster thing, the drawings thing, and the calendar thing - and unfortunately, both girls also think its cool fun to move and move and move and move the push pins around, leaving seventy bajillion holes in the pink walls. I have had it with that, too.

Their room recently reached a point beyond their ability to straighten (because we require that 'chore' of them routinely) - oh no, this was time for the Mama. It was a pit. Kind of smelled, too.

Good thing we love them sideways!

Recently I had the opportunity to turn their room upside down and clean it while Bryon cleaned carpets downstairs. Good thing I took some 'before' pictures, though I have to say - this is NOWHERE NEAR as bad as it has been before and I didn't take pictures of everything because my hands were too covered in surprise stickiness. But I was fed up looking at it and those clothes on the beds? Yeah, those were supposed to be put away FOUR DAYS before I took this photo. How they can sleep under folded clothes, I have no idea.

Girls are weird. And messy.

Lord help us when the teen years hit and they're allowed to use makeup.

Anyway, join me, okay? There is a cute room in here somewhere, I promise. There are even darling, matching vintage beds with homemade quilts in here, too. Somewhere.

Egads, Moo. For serious.

I cleaned these toys and beads and... trash out from under the left side of the dresser.

Started sorting. We have bins for big toys, dollbaby clothes, and food/cooking stuff. I use the plastic underbed boxes to hold everything. I found legos everywhere.

After 3 1/2 hours (and I swear I clocked it), I was mostly done. I'd changed the bed clothes, folded the body clothes, and gone through the closet. My back hurt, my hands were sticky and I gutted out 2 broken fingernails. Vacuuming alone took 30 minutes.

Our neighbor was over to help clean carpets, so he stuck around to help Bryon rearrange the furniture for me as well. We moved the dresser to the other side of the room and turned Hayley's bed sideways. I spackled every pinhole in the walls and said a dozen prayers for them to keep their room picked up.

When Moo Rae got home, I made her swear to keep her room clean and do her part. She gave me a salute and a 'Yes, Ma'am!' Uh huh.

Then she was so inspired by her shiny new digs that she decided to loom a necklace right there on her bed. She promised to clean it up.

The next morning I added something extra sweet to our girls' room. More to come on that!

April 28, 2014

A Fort Date

Bryon had a tent in the attic that had never been taken out of the box and that tent wants to be slept in, to be camped in, and to be loved on - hard. We have plans to break that tent in!

So last week he said to me at dinner, "We could put up the tent in the living room tonight and watch a movie together," and my heart pitter-patted just. like. that.

Turns out the tent is huge. Like, move your furniture-huge. Plenty big for us to stretch out in, though he promised me we would share a sleeping bag to snuggle. Well sign me up, Batman.

And can I say... how romantic!

We had that sucker erected in about 3 minutes. Bo and Kiki were curious and the kids were totally jealous because we didn't put it up until after their bedtime. Date night in a tent, yo. Perks of being a parent.

Bryon brought in all of the pillows from our bed, 2 sleeping bags, and 2 quilts.

He popped popcorn and smiled so I could slap his romantic face all over the interwebs. We opened the windows in the living room, turned off all of the lights, and then turned on The Hobbit.

Unfortunately, just as we fell asleep, Bo decided to freak out. Maybe it was Gandalf. Maybe it was because all of the tent crinkling noises had him spazzing. He tore around inside the tent in circles over and over and excuse-me-is-that-your-leg-over again. He jumped, he pranced, he tore through the living room with his ears pressed to his head and meowed in the corner. He was seriously too excited to be still. Kiki merely watched from the arm of the couch and ducked when he flew over her head. I have to tell you, it was hard to fall asleep with that racket.

Ultimately Bo launched himself off of the television stand and into the tent and landed on my guts in the dark. I sort of saw something long-legged and hairy flying at me. When I jumped up, so did Bo - and he landed on Daddy's head with a 'meowrrrr'. Oh no. It was time to go.

So we gathered our pillows and headed for our bed, leaving Bo to play in the tent all night.

We still snuggled.

Turns out Jedis like fort dates, I guess. It was very sweet and so fun to giggle with him in our tent. Can't wait to use it outside!

April 24, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. I hope that all of you enjoyed your Easter holiday and spent a portion of this week in thought of what Christ did to guarantee your forgiveness and life everlasting in Heaven. Seems so much more than a 'favorite thing' of mine, but when I saw this verse, I had to include it.

2. Camping is upon us, yo. I am excited.

3. I am legitimately intrigued by Benefit's Benetint. I need a sample size post haste!

4. Have I posted this before? Love the delicate star earring and the placement. Outer conch, that.

5. Beautiful detail in this winged cap sleeve.

6. I'll tell you what else is upon us: cutoff jeans-wearin', that's what.

7. I ADORE these green pants from Anthropologie. Unfortunately, they are linen and linen and I don't get along because I don't launder my pants very often and linen is too wrinkly for moi. But holy awesome pants, Batman. The color is divine!

8. I wish I could find a quartz mirror like this one for the house.

9. Hello plant and antlers and cool dresser beside basket. Love you.

10. I happen to own this one: the Knockturn bracelet from Mooreaseal's store. So cool.

11. Yes, yes, I still love screapbook pages, even though I don't make time to scrapbook anymore. I was pulled a bit by both of these from Studio Calico and Ali Edwards. So sweet and simple, too.

12. This, folks. This.

All images are Pinned for sources.

April 23, 2014

Weddennessday: Today Is The Day

I am in a twist today. Excited anxious over new things.

Favorite snack/breakfast/midnight craving? Fresh fruit, a wedge of cheese, and almonds. Still.

My mother needs to know how much I love gouda cheese in my adult life because I think it may be her fault. If someone were to tell her that last weekend I taught Hayley how to pronounce ‘gouda’ in German, it would not be a lie. I’m not sure if I’m proud or mortified, but yes. That happened. And she loved the gouda (both of the girls do). It’s the best cheese evah.

Speaking of love – my deliciously awesome stepdaughter ate raw mushrooms on Easter Sunday for fun. It simply occurred to her that they might actually be yummy, so she went for it. She hasn’t turned back since.

You may have noticed that I have been Pinning, like, a superfluous amount of tattoo images recently. And if you looked in my recent Amazon cart, you would have seen both temporary tattoos and a Coppertone tattoo sunblock tube. Yes, yes, I am planning a new tattoo. After months of research, drawings, and interviewing 3 different local artists (you bet your ass; it’s permanent!), I finally have a plan. I’ve selected an artist! He’s young, but his artwork and skill are beautiful. He actually listened to what I wanted instead of telling me how I should do it instead, which was a huge improvement after meeting with the first guy. Bryon met him [total trip because my husband is a tattoo virgin and was hilarious to watch walking around the tattoo shop] and gave his approval as well. If you’re curious, the temporary tattoos are to check placement and to make sure I’m really ready to tattoo myself again. Just me being me, overplanning.

The house is slowly but surely getting finished. I’m so excited to report that Bryon and I worked on the woodwork and doors for the basement last week. Like, for hours. We sanded and primed the doorframes and doors for 3 rooms. And guess what?!  IT’S WHITE  *maniacal laugh* !

I recently saw a midcentury modern credenza on our local vintage store’s Facebook page and within 18 minutes, we were off to check it out. Sadly, the quality was poor. She was a no-go. I’m not giving up hope. I’d like two of them: one for the living room, under the television – and one for the family room. They are the perfect storage solution and sooooooo much character. If I had 100 rooms, I’d collect vintage, midcentury modern credenzas. Amen.

So this morning as I drove into work, Lincoln Brewster’s Today Is The Day came on the radio. I sang and bee-bopped along until I realized that a few years ago and on the exact same stretch of road, Lulu and I sang Today Is The Day with the radio on the way to my wedding. The sky looked amazing as I stared up into it and thanked my God for being so cool. Today must be the day for something great!

I think It is finally spring. We have predictions for weather in the 50s next week but make no mistake, spring has sprung. The skinny blades of green grass are poking up through the lawn. The fish are finally spawning, too. It’s been late this year. But the handful of 70+ degree days we’ve had have been so good for our souls. Outside grilling, bike riding, and little pink faces on the kids mean the weather is finally turning the corner. The kids leave for summer with dad in just four weeks.

Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day wreaks havoc on my bathroom schedule, but I can feel the difference in my body. Water is good!

I am dreaming of sand beneath my toes, the crackle of a campfire, and the chill of the breeze on my sunkissed skin. Knowing our weather, spring will likely be short. We’ll be at 100 degrees in no time. I’m ready! Bring it.

April 22, 2014

Mini Vacay and Happy Birthday

Every April, my most important dude has a birthday. This year we celebrated a few days early on a night that we had Hales. We went to dinner and everyone presented Dad with their homemade cards (and one storebought that included Kiki and Bo.) He loved them.

Hayley brought a photo of Grandpa Larry in Heaven holding her as a baby.  He loved that, too.

We had his favorite angel food cake on Thursday.

Then we spent a couple of days at home for the Easter holiday as well and decided to call it a mini vacation. We filled the days with umpteen chores and lists of things we both wanted to get done, but we also had a lot of fun.

The weather was gorgeous.

We made time for fishing, which was fun even though we didn't catch anything. I got to wear my boots and my husband breathed slowly and smiled a lot at me.

There were Peep s'mores on the bonfire and hunting games, too. There was even camping in the living room (more to come on that).

There were 16 tense minutes and then Eric Church tickets.

Annnnnd there was a lot of underwear in the ceiling fan. But that is what mini vacation is for - catching up on all of your favorite things. We had cuddles with all of the kids and spent time with family. We cooked a lot and worked until we were smelly together. Cleaned carpets! Thrifted. We even painted the woodwork in the basement and I did a canvas art project!  I'm telling you, it was good and it was productive.

My husband actually slept through the night when work worries eased and he relaxed. We slept with the windows open and my fingers all knotted in his chest hair; that might have been my favorite part.

Makes me appreciate my favorite dude even more. Happy birthday, Baby.

April 21, 2014

Legos: Everything Is Awesome

After the Lego space station, Hayley was eager to keep the momentum going.

She helped Daddy pick out two new Lego sets to build, both from the Lego Movie. There was Unikitty, yo! She was mostly concerned with WildStyle, though.

We allowed her to surprise her siblings with the new building blocks when we got home. Trevor isn't the legomaniac he used to be, so he drifted away to go watch movies downstairs. But the other 2 were squealing!

There were so many parts to build, they each grabbed a booklet and got to work. And in Andy's room, of course!

Even Mabel has learned how to follow the directions; the little booklets make it so easy!

Such a colorful mess. Unikitty and Snail were top on Mabel's list.

And Hayley immediately grabbed up WildStyle and Emmett.

Andrew worked on the ice cream truck at his desk.

Hayley used the table.

I guess you could say we are addicted to Legos up in here. We even surprised the kids over Easter weekend with the new Lego Movie video game.

Everything is awesome!

April 18, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Oh hell yes.  Love this feminine arm piece.

2. This looks like my next concert hair, Folks. 

3. Have I mentioned how much I love menswear? 

4. Such a beautiful quilt. Wow. 

5. Cookie dough greek yogurt! Just add 1 tbsp. of creamy peanut butter, 1 tsp. of honey, 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract, 1 tbsp. of miniature chocolate chips and a dash of sea salt.

6. These jars are simply painted from the inside. Such a super easy DIY. 

7. Darling.

8. Vintage ripped flares might be my new favorite. 

9. I have a little one who loves beads and crafts. I remember making these as a kid myself. Might need to teach her the way. 

10. Back to piercings. This is a conch helix. I'm strongly considering. For real because, why not?

11. One day I'd like to do some professional photography. Not modeling necessarily. But I want this image and I want to wear that beautiful headdress. 

12. Dream porch!

All images are pinned for sources.