April 28, 2014

A Fort Date

Bryon had a tent in the attic that had never been taken out of the box and that tent wants to be slept in, to be camped in, and to be loved on - hard. We have plans to break that tent in!

So last week he said to me at dinner, "We could put up the tent in the living room tonight and watch a movie together," and my heart pitter-patted just. like. that.

Turns out the tent is huge. Like, move your furniture-huge. Plenty big for us to stretch out in, though he promised me we would share a sleeping bag to snuggle. Well sign me up, Batman.

And can I say... how romantic!

We had that sucker erected in about 3 minutes. Bo and Kiki were curious and the kids were totally jealous because we didn't put it up until after their bedtime. Date night in a tent, yo. Perks of being a parent.

Bryon brought in all of the pillows from our bed, 2 sleeping bags, and 2 quilts.

He popped popcorn and smiled so I could slap his romantic face all over the interwebs. We opened the windows in the living room, turned off all of the lights, and then turned on The Hobbit.

Unfortunately, just as we fell asleep, Bo decided to freak out. Maybe it was Gandalf. Maybe it was because all of the tent crinkling noises had him spazzing. He tore around inside the tent in circles over and over and excuse-me-is-that-your-leg-over again. He jumped, he pranced, he tore through the living room with his ears pressed to his head and meowed in the corner. He was seriously too excited to be still. Kiki merely watched from the arm of the couch and ducked when he flew over her head. I have to tell you, it was hard to fall asleep with that racket.

Ultimately Bo launched himself off of the television stand and into the tent and landed on my guts in the dark. I sort of saw something long-legged and hairy flying at me. When I jumped up, so did Bo - and he landed on Daddy's head with a 'meowrrrr'. Oh no. It was time to go.

So we gathered our pillows and headed for our bed, leaving Bo to play in the tent all night.

We still snuggled.

Turns out Jedis like fort dates, I guess. It was very sweet and so fun to giggle with him in our tent. Can't wait to use it outside!

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