April 29, 2014

Girls Are Weird. And Messy.

There are times when I am overcome by clutteryness and sloppiness... oh Lord, there are times. The girls' room is generally almost always a pit. A mess. A disaster of epic proportions. I hate going in there except to kiss and slurp on them.

Basically both of the girls lie routinely about putting away clothing and instead they stuff it around the room and hide it under things like cute squirrels. Both of them are also allergic to putting things back where they belong. We are constantly repeating ourselves, "Barbies go in with the Barbies. Put the dollbaby clothes with the dollbaby clothes. Legos go with the legos!" and so on. Also Mabel is a pickpocket and will swipe anything cool from her brothers in the blink of an eye, leaving boy things hidden everywhere as well. And don't even smile about the 'cute' artwork on the walls because we have done the poster thing, the drawings thing, and the calendar thing - and unfortunately, both girls also think its cool fun to move and move and move and move the push pins around, leaving seventy bajillion holes in the pink walls. I have had it with that, too.

Their room recently reached a point beyond their ability to straighten (because we require that 'chore' of them routinely) - oh no, this was time for the Mama. It was a pit. Kind of smelled, too.

Good thing we love them sideways!

Recently I had the opportunity to turn their room upside down and clean it while Bryon cleaned carpets downstairs. Good thing I took some 'before' pictures, though I have to say - this is NOWHERE NEAR as bad as it has been before and I didn't take pictures of everything because my hands were too covered in surprise stickiness. But I was fed up looking at it and those clothes on the beds? Yeah, those were supposed to be put away FOUR DAYS before I took this photo. How they can sleep under folded clothes, I have no idea.

Girls are weird. And messy.

Lord help us when the teen years hit and they're allowed to use makeup.

Anyway, join me, okay? There is a cute room in here somewhere, I promise. There are even darling, matching vintage beds with homemade quilts in here, too. Somewhere.

Egads, Moo. For serious.

I cleaned these toys and beads and... trash out from under the left side of the dresser.

Started sorting. We have bins for big toys, dollbaby clothes, and food/cooking stuff. I use the plastic underbed boxes to hold everything. I found legos everywhere.

After 3 1/2 hours (and I swear I clocked it), I was mostly done. I'd changed the bed clothes, folded the body clothes, and gone through the closet. My back hurt, my hands were sticky and I gutted out 2 broken fingernails. Vacuuming alone took 30 minutes.

Our neighbor was over to help clean carpets, so he stuck around to help Bryon rearrange the furniture for me as well. We moved the dresser to the other side of the room and turned Hayley's bed sideways. I spackled every pinhole in the walls and said a dozen prayers for them to keep their room picked up.

When Moo Rae got home, I made her swear to keep her room clean and do her part. She gave me a salute and a 'Yes, Ma'am!' Uh huh.

Then she was so inspired by her shiny new digs that she decided to loom a necklace right there on her bed. She promised to clean it up.

The next morning I added something extra sweet to our girls' room. More to come on that!

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  1. That room is adorable. I can't wait to get into our new place and start 'doing' it.