April 21, 2014

Legos: Everything Is Awesome

After the Lego space station, Hayley was eager to keep the momentum going.

She helped Daddy pick out two new Lego sets to build, both from the Lego Movie. There was Unikitty, yo! She was mostly concerned with WildStyle, though.

We allowed her to surprise her siblings with the new building blocks when we got home. Trevor isn't the legomaniac he used to be, so he drifted away to go watch movies downstairs. But the other 2 were squealing!

There were so many parts to build, they each grabbed a booklet and got to work. And in Andy's room, of course!

Even Mabel has learned how to follow the directions; the little booklets make it so easy!

Such a colorful mess. Unikitty and Snail were top on Mabel's list.

And Hayley immediately grabbed up WildStyle and Emmett.

Andrew worked on the ice cream truck at his desk.

Hayley used the table.

I guess you could say we are addicted to Legos up in here. We even surprised the kids over Easter weekend with the new Lego Movie video game.

Everything is awesome!

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