April 22, 2014

Mini Vacay and Happy Birthday

Every April, my most important dude has a birthday. This year we celebrated a few days early on a night that we had Hales. We went to dinner and everyone presented Dad with their homemade cards (and one storebought that included Kiki and Bo.) He loved them.

Hayley brought a photo of Grandpa Larry in Heaven holding her as a baby.  He loved that, too.

We had his favorite angel food cake on Thursday.

Then we spent a couple of days at home for the Easter holiday as well and decided to call it a mini vacation. We filled the days with umpteen chores and lists of things we both wanted to get done, but we also had a lot of fun.

The weather was gorgeous.

We made time for fishing, which was fun even though we didn't catch anything. I got to wear my boots and my husband breathed slowly and smiled a lot at me.

There were Peep s'mores on the bonfire and hunting games, too. There was even camping in the living room (more to come on that).

There were 16 tense minutes and then Eric Church tickets.

Annnnnd there was a lot of underwear in the ceiling fan. But that is what mini vacation is for - catching up on all of your favorite things. We had cuddles with all of the kids and spent time with family. We cooked a lot and worked until we were smelly together. Cleaned carpets! Thrifted. We even painted the woodwork in the basement and I did a canvas art project!  I'm telling you, it was good and it was productive.

My husband actually slept through the night when work worries eased and he relaxed. We slept with the windows open and my fingers all knotted in his chest hair; that might have been my favorite part.

Makes me appreciate my favorite dude even more. Happy birthday, Baby.

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