April 15, 2014

Moo's Bracelets

Her siblings have been looming rubber bracelets for months. Trevor gave it up quickly; it just wasn't something he was into doing for long. But Andrew and Hayley are looming aficionados. They loom for hours - inside, outside, in the car. Legos and looming, that's #2 and #3 for ya. They have multiple methods and they test and race each other all the time. We love that they share hobbies!

But this one. This little pip is far more mature than her 5 years and she has looked on with longing eyes. She wants to be big like them. She wants to be included. At first they tried showing her how to loom with her fingers because they didn't want to share their looms. She practiced, but gave up. It just wasn't the same as using the tools, man.

Then they allowed her to occasionally borrow their single loom tool, which she took to like... well, faster than the two of them, honestly. She was so eager to be like them that she was a looming fiend. Probably because her fingers are smaller than everyone else's. She made dozens of bracelets, took them out, and made them again.

Then something happened as Mabel conquered looming. She stopped caring that her two siblings had a super special secret looming meeting without her in it. She also didn't seem to care that they used a big loom while she still had the tiny tool they'd cast aside. She loomed alone, with joy in her heart. She loomed with her stuffed horse, Lucy. She loomed with Clover the bunny. She loomed in the kitchen while we made dinner and when invited, she'd loom in Andy's room with the two of them. But she did it, all on her own.

And then one day when Daddy and I were in Michael's (yes, that happens), he grabbed a full looming kit and put it in our basket. "For Mabel," he said.

There was never more joy in a child's eyes than when she received that surprise looming kit and pink rubber bands. Oh. My. We didn't see her for hours that day.

She's gone through (and lost) several bags of rubber bands since then. She does make a mess, but I almost don't care because she's doing this creative thing all on her own.

Occasionally, she still needs help. Usually her big loom gets turned upside down by accident or she grabs the wrong band. She is so eager to create and do it on her own like a big girl. Unlike the others, she doesn't scream or cry or throw a fit when she messes something up. She merely grits her teeth and stays the course. She lets the 'want' push her forward.

Right now she's learning how to double and triple loom. Instead of asking Andy and Hayley to show her how to do it, she reads the directions (mostly by-)herself. What took Andy a few weeks, she will have down by Friday. That's just how she is.

This looming thing is Mabel in a nutshell. In true Mabel fashion, she picked herself up by the bootstraps and promptly kicked ass at the very thing someone told her she couldn't do. She's decided she's not bothered by what other people think. Haters gonna hate. Friends gonna friend. Be joyful regardless.

That's my girl.

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