April 14, 2014

One Step Closer to College

Mabes ripped her top tooth out. Never seen a kid so excited to bleed. But she's growing up too quickly. She'll be driving soon.

And married.

She's all full of gumption, this one. She got into trouble at school Friday because it was 80 degrees and she decided to cool off in the water fountain after recess. Seemed logical to her, I reckon. She cleaned up the water drips from her face and hair and neck, but the teacher wasn't very fond of gumption anyway.

I like gumption, myself.

Incidentally, this one got invited into bed with us last night to watch Harry Potter. It was a whole moment. She wasn't feeling great and Daddy wasn't tired yet, so when she wandered up, he asked her to cuddle in the middle. Possibly because she's all gap-toothed and darling and her hair was standing on end when she asked.

Kid couldn't get any cuter, I swear. This will become problematic in her teen years.

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