April 1, 2014

Spring, I Insist

I am really trying to will spring to miraculously arrive in Da Plains. Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees at lunchtime, but it was below 20 by dinner. Same day! We had both a tornado and a blizzard warning at once; I didn't even know that was possible.

One of the ways I'm trying to rush the season in is by dreaming about fun things to do as a family and with my husband - things like fishing and camping and concert-going. Finally finishing the woodwork in the basement. Bohemian schtuff. With this comes 'stuff' that I want to make and do for relaxin'.

Free People is one of my favorite websites, but I don't often buy from them unless they are having some super sale because their prices are like 'whoa.' But I've found they are a GREAT inspiration for handmade.

Check it: this tank top is begging me to make it out of one of Bryon's white tees. It's as simple as chopping the arms and neck in a narrower shape.

In my mind, this breezy tank top also looks handmade from a thrifted 2XL tee. Those tend to be plenty long enough for tunic length. Dye and rubber bands, anyone?

Hales and I are going to tie dye some duds in the back yard. I've decided.

I plan on using lots of this, this summer. Ahem.

I happen to have *just scored* a pair of black Hunter wellies on eBay this week. They've been worn 3 times and were so cheap that I can't tell you for fear you'll hate me. I am happily high-fiving myself over this one. These are my new fishin' boots. Perfect with jean shorts and a vintage tee or bikini top.

I also need a new pair of sandals this year because my flip flops flopped their last flip last summer. Perhaps these?

I've been looking to score a baseball cap for the longest time. I want juuuuuuuust the right one because once I put it on, I won't be taking it off very often outside of work. I need to find it before we start going to the lake every weekend.

Oh, vintage tees. I love you.

Lots of sunglass wearing whilst laying in the sun at the lake and listening to Dierks.

Some clog wearin'.

Come on, Spring!

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