April 3, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Every spring I start wanting to drape things everywhere, waiting for summer's soft breeze to blow in through my windows. While we do have a ceiling fan, I am convinced I could rig something up all boho-like. And would you please notice the vintage head/foot boards? GAH.

2. I love these pillows. Image transfer onto fabric is relatively easy; I did it for a quilt I made for my mother a few years ago. These would be a very easy DIY.

3. Drapey again! Some may not appreciate the American flag as a curtain, but I am okay with a reproduction used in any proud way possible. The hide on the floor is soooooooooo awesome, too.

4. Spring is also the time I start wanting my houseplants to stop dying and start living. I love these glass hex plant holders.

5. Great ideas!

6. I know someone who has a peony shoulder tattoo on her mind. LOVE.

7. There are no words.

8. I love this tunic. Colorful and earthy.

9. This season's denim shorts are destroyed AND rolled. I love the look of the pockets hanging out. Trick is to do this with baggy shorts so that when you roll them up, your chica isn't actually hanging out. Shorts should definitely come down lower than your ladybits.

10. I should say this every day.

12. I adore these darling geo earrings. Such a pop of color.

13. Hand-dyed vintage couch... steal my heart, why don't ya?

14. Laura, you're killing me. That cardi is amazeballs.

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