April 10, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. I may have a slight English bulldog obsession just now.

2. Love, love, love this unique and vintage-inspired invitation.

3. Repaired jeans seem to be all the rage right now. I'm loving it. Before for a DIYer who accidentally chopped too far. Ha.

4. Be still my ever loving heart. Black and white in the shape of kitties?

5. Love this outfit. Hard. Like wow.

6. I have this kimono. I passed out when I saw it, ordered it, and then passed out again. I have worn it five times and I'm not sorry.

7. Erin Wasson, please stop being so awesome because I can't take it. Love the rolled, destroyed denim with the sloppy tee and blazer.

8. Glitter eye is my favorite now.

9. Mary, you're killing it, girl. The skirt and the tee are awesome.

10. I'm desperately trying to choose sandals this summer and ... maybe these?

11. Love this bedroom. Clean and neutral with pops of color.

12. Gorgeous earrings.

13. Perfect above a bed or couch!

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And now:

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