April 24, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. I hope that all of you enjoyed your Easter holiday and spent a portion of this week in thought of what Christ did to guarantee your forgiveness and life everlasting in Heaven. Seems so much more than a 'favorite thing' of mine, but when I saw this verse, I had to include it.

2. Camping is upon us, yo. I am excited.

3. I am legitimately intrigued by Benefit's Benetint. I need a sample size post haste!

4. Have I posted this before? Love the delicate star earring and the placement. Outer conch, that.

5. Beautiful detail in this winged cap sleeve.

6. I'll tell you what else is upon us: cutoff jeans-wearin', that's what.

7. I ADORE these green pants from Anthropologie. Unfortunately, they are linen and linen and I don't get along because I don't launder my pants very often and linen is too wrinkly for moi. But holy awesome pants, Batman. The color is divine!

8. I wish I could find a quartz mirror like this one for the house.

9. Hello plant and antlers and cool dresser beside basket. Love you.

10. I happen to own this one: the Knockturn bracelet from Mooreaseal's store. So cool.

11. Yes, yes, I still love screapbook pages, even though I don't make time to scrapbook anymore. I was pulled a bit by both of these from Studio Calico and Ali Edwards. So sweet and simple, too.

12. This, folks. This.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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