April 23, 2014

Weddennessday: Today Is The Day

I am in a twist today. Excited anxious over new things.

Favorite snack/breakfast/midnight craving? Fresh fruit, a wedge of cheese, and almonds. Still.

My mother needs to know how much I love gouda cheese in my adult life because I think it may be her fault. If someone were to tell her that last weekend I taught Hayley how to pronounce ‘gouda’ in German, it would not be a lie. I’m not sure if I’m proud or mortified, but yes. That happened. And she loved the gouda (both of the girls do). It’s the best cheese evah.

Speaking of love – my deliciously awesome stepdaughter ate raw mushrooms on Easter Sunday for fun. It simply occurred to her that they might actually be yummy, so she went for it. She hasn’t turned back since.

You may have noticed that I have been Pinning, like, a superfluous amount of tattoo images recently. And if you looked in my recent Amazon cart, you would have seen both temporary tattoos and a Coppertone tattoo sunblock tube. Yes, yes, I am planning a new tattoo. After months of research, drawings, and interviewing 3 different local artists (you bet your ass; it’s permanent!), I finally have a plan. I’ve selected an artist! He’s young, but his artwork and skill are beautiful. He actually listened to what I wanted instead of telling me how I should do it instead, which was a huge improvement after meeting with the first guy. Bryon met him [total trip because my husband is a tattoo virgin and was hilarious to watch walking around the tattoo shop] and gave his approval as well. If you’re curious, the temporary tattoos are to check placement and to make sure I’m really ready to tattoo myself again. Just me being me, overplanning.

The house is slowly but surely getting finished. I’m so excited to report that Bryon and I worked on the woodwork and doors for the basement last week. Like, for hours. We sanded and primed the doorframes and doors for 3 rooms. And guess what?!  IT’S WHITE  *maniacal laugh* !

I recently saw a midcentury modern credenza on our local vintage store’s Facebook page and within 18 minutes, we were off to check it out. Sadly, the quality was poor. She was a no-go. I’m not giving up hope. I’d like two of them: one for the living room, under the television – and one for the family room. They are the perfect storage solution and sooooooo much character. If I had 100 rooms, I’d collect vintage, midcentury modern credenzas. Amen.

So this morning as I drove into work, Lincoln Brewster’s Today Is The Day came on the radio. I sang and bee-bopped along until I realized that a few years ago and on the exact same stretch of road, Lulu and I sang Today Is The Day with the radio on the way to my wedding. The sky looked amazing as I stared up into it and thanked my God for being so cool. Today must be the day for something great!

I think It is finally spring. We have predictions for weather in the 50s next week but make no mistake, spring has sprung. The skinny blades of green grass are poking up through the lawn. The fish are finally spawning, too. It’s been late this year. But the handful of 70+ degree days we’ve had have been so good for our souls. Outside grilling, bike riding, and little pink faces on the kids mean the weather is finally turning the corner. The kids leave for summer with dad in just four weeks.

Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day wreaks havoc on my bathroom schedule, but I can feel the difference in my body. Water is good!

I am dreaming of sand beneath my toes, the crackle of a campfire, and the chill of the breeze on my sunkissed skin. Knowing our weather, spring will likely be short. We’ll be at 100 degrees in no time. I’m ready! Bring it.

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