April 2, 2014


Merry Weddennessday, Peeps.

OH. MY. LAWD. Did y’all know that Peeps are gluten free? They are absolutely NOT Paleo, but sometimes Mama is craving sweets one week a month if you get what I’m saying and one day for fun I scanned the damn Peeps package with my gluten-scanner-phone app and I cannot tell you how many I’ve eaten because you would publicly shame me. They are carbs. They are processed ooey, gooey worse-than-a-donut that I do not need. But OH. MY. LAWD. Peeps are gluten free. That was my announcement here. I lost track of myself for a moment. *STALE PEEPS ROCK*

Aside from the glut of Peeps over the past two weeks that I’m going to banish from my brains until next spring, I’m proud to tell you that it’s been almost 8 months that I've followed a gluten-free and Paleo lifestyle. Last night I made steak tips with vegetable stir fry and we licked our plates. Tonight, creamy tomato soup is on tap with an assortment of fruits and cheeses. This weekend, we’re having chicken wings and veggies while watching basketball finals. It’s all good in the neighborhood. The kids are adapting; we rarely make pasta anymore. Meat and veggies are we. I'm never going back.

Folks, I’ve got a tattoo in the making. It’s been in my head for about… oh, 3 years or so. I’ve been waiting for the right moment, the right materialization of the piece I can see in my mind. [I’m not a flash tattoo fan; I’d rather have a unique piece that is meaningful to my life.] Now that I know what I’d like and have some great inspiration photos for the artist to work from, I must select an artist. I’ve reached out to two strong candidates through email this week and have learned that (big shock) tattoo artists must generally not check their email. Tattooing is a form of artistic expression, so I imagine they are busy sketching and inking away instead of reading email – and that makes perfect sense to me. The point of this story is: tattoo artist not yet selected. Phone calls will commence this weekend.

As you may recall I already have 3 sparrows on my back that represent the kids. I want to add a 4th bird for Hayley. She’s reminded me about eleven times. I think this bird wants extended wings and it wants to sit on my right hip. While they’re at it, I’d like to have my original 3 birds touched up a bit. It is artwork after all. Mabel has been very interested in the whole business of tattooing. She’d like a horse tattoo when she grows up. “Or Jesus,” she said. Well then!

Okay, okay, I actually have 2 more tattoos in the making, but the 2nd one is very small and simple: a cross. I had originally intended to have ‘Yahweh’ in script on my ribcage. One day I will, perhaps. But in the meantime, I’d like a delicate cross.

Speaking of how Christ died so that we can live, my favorite holiday is approaching. Time to watch The Passion of The Christ soon and bawl my eyes out on the couch because God loved me – sinful, greedy, human ME – enough to withstand the pain and grief and agony of watching his only Son die for my life. And your life. And the lives of my children. His love and forgiveness is REAL. EVERY DAY.

At Christmastime someone asked me if we believe in Santa Claus at our house. We do not; we believe in celebrating Christ’s birth. So I’ll just say early on that we do not believe in the Easter Bunny either. In fact, we think the idea of watching for an imaginary bunny to leave candy and toys for kids completely distracts from the impact of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross that day.  Easter eggs became the traditional symbol of Easter because they represent the stone that was rolled away from Christ’s tomb. The empty shell represents the empty tomb of our Lord upon his reawakening, 3 days after he was crucified. We feel it is much more important for our children to learn the actual meaning of the entire Easter story instead of being spoiled by imaginary characters. Candy and toys and some dude dressed up as a white bunny rabbit at the mall just aren’t Jesus in our house. My blog, my soapbox.  I love you all no matter what you believe – but this is how we live our lives.

Thoughts of camping have taken over our summer plans, yo. We want to work on the basement woodwork while the kids are back east with their dad, but we also want to RELAX this summer. Work is stressful and crazy for both of us, so relaxation is in order. Our friend has a cabin on a lake an hour away and we often jet ski and swim there. It is tranquil and peaceful. Sunny and quiet. Perfect. In addition to hitting the lake, Bryon and I want to camp in The Hills together. We dream of zipping ourselves into one big sleeping bag and making eggs and bacon over the fire for breakfast. I dream of sitting with my husband while there is zero cellular reception. I can’t wait.

I really must go to the grocery soon. I’m out of my most favorite breakfast items: turkey sticks, almonds, cheese squares, and blackberries.

A friend of mine recently posted a fabulous article on Facebook on the most destructive lies about nutrition. It was so poignant, I immediately shared it. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-11-most-destructive-nutrition-lies-ever-told-2013-11.  Read it, Guys!

Oh! Let’s talk about dry shampoo for a sec, can we? I’d been loyal to Suave Professionals dry shampoo until I happened upon Batiste at Ulta one day. I’ve read great things about it and for $5, I was willing to try it. Folks, it is AWESOME. It works just as great as the Suave but the consistency is FAR better. I cannot feel any grit of cornstarch on my scalp whatsoever. My hair is silky and doesn’t feel like a wig after 5 days, which does kind of happen with Suave dry shampoo sometimes. It’s worth it, but not my favorite feeling. With Batiste there is NO grit and no wig feel. My hair smells awesome and feels ever better. I’m a lifer now.

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