May 27, 2014

Handmade Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I was thinking of Nana. I miss her greatly. I did call her up twice and hear her voice (and that is so very soothing) but I miss her. I miss smelling her lotion and hearing her chuckle. I'm so grateful for all the time my kids got to spend with their Nana when they were little.

On Mother's Day, the kids presented me with a singing M-O-M card (picked out by Hayley) and handmade cards, too. They are my most favorite.

"I love you. For my vare bast mom, by Mabel. You mace me lafe."

Mabes also drew pictures inside of her card and left a signature line for each person in the family. Please notice the adorable box of 'choclit' in the corner.

Trevor's card makes my heart grin wide, Folks. I'm not sure what kind of butt that is, but yes, that there is an ass.

And a special message inside, too.

I mean, be still my mama heart!

My sexy Jedi husband planted peonies for me in the back yard and small white flowers in the front. He was most excited to tell me the name of the white flora he picked: "Betty Whites." Love him.

Hayley spent Mother's Day with her mom, but she did wish me a great day over the phone. It was sweet to hear her voice and I'm thankful I got to do that. I am a mama to four, no matter their origin.

And then toward the end of the evening, wrapped in arms and neck kisses in the kitchen, my husband gave me his card.

I am incredibly blessed.

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