May 5, 2014

Kiki is Her Frad

The Kikipottamus likes to be outside.

After last year's wild bird catch made her sicky, we are very cautious about Kiki being outside. She is allowed only on the patio, but that is her very most favorite place. She stretches and scratches her back on the hard cement, and spins and twirls and meows with excitement.

One evening this spring, Mabel was outside with Kiki and they were coloring with chalk together. Kiki is surprisingly still tolerant of Mabel and I'm so glad.

When I noticed that Mabel had written a love note to her big girl, I had to capture it.

"Kiki my cat. She is my frad."

It was so precious.

I love Mabel's big heart.

And her big feet.

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