May 9, 2014

My Little Hearts

I gave Hayley a package from Fairy Dust Decals recently. It was full of little golden hearts for my two little hearts. Time to grow their room up a bit. Hayley was super excited!

Before applying the decals, I made sure the walls were clean and the million pushpin holes had been spackled. Then I cut each heart into individual squares, like the stack you see above.

Since there are four walls to the room, I divided the stack into four. Then I redistributed a bit according to the actual wall space on each side - no need to put decals in the closet or on the window, so I spread those hearts out among the other solid walls.

Then, following the instructions included, I used a tiny piece of masking tape on the backs of each heart square, and began hanging my hearts randomly on each wall. I eyeballed it, just like I do most of my sewing patterns.

After a dozen or so, I stepped back to look at placement. I moved the ones I needed to, keeping the transfer papers on the back of all of the hearts until I was ready to start applying the decals for real. I was not looking for symmetry - I wanted them to look completely random.

Once I'd moved them around eleventy times, I used my handy dandy Pampered Chef scraper (but you could use an old credit card or other flat object) and started transferring the decals, one by one. You can't really mess it up and the directions I received were super simple. [The decals come off when you blast them with a hot hair dryer.]

Once all of the decals had been transferred onto the walls, I stepped back to admire them and almost passed out from cuteness!

They are DARLING, just like my girls.

Oh, for serious.

This post was not sponsored. I just really love the decals!

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