May 15, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Beauty Edition

Y'all, this has been the season of beauty up in here. I still do not wear a lot of makeup, but I wear more on my eyes than I used to. Perhaps it is because I'm older now or maybe its because my bestie has me hooked. No matter. These are my current favorites.

1. Nars matte shadow in Bali. I saw this first on a Free People blog video. I use a flat brush and apply this as smudged liner on top and bottom. Such a cool, relaxed look. Perfect for mornings when I'm running late. I've also used this as eyebrow powder in a pinch.

2. Nars matte shadow in Blondie. I'm planning on picking this up soon.

3. Bobbi Brown is fabulous. I read a book of hers in 1996 and I haven't looked back since. It covered everything from skin care to makeup and it was truly revolutionary. Educational. That book is where I learned how NOT to have sperm-brows (you know you know what I'm talking about, Ladies). This is a shadow palette of hers that I can't find anywhere - in pinks with navy blue. The search continues.

4. Another seasonal Bobbi Brown set, this one in warm nude.

5. This Nars Illuminator liquid in Copacabana is amazing. Dewy and fresh with juuuuuust a bit of shimmer in this highlighting fluid.

6. I prefer the Nars Multiple in Copacabana over the liquid Illuminator myself. This is THE perfect highlight tool when used with a darker eye. This plus smokey eye = perfect evening look for moi. Blends with fingers or a brush, right on your cheekbones. LOOOOOVE.

7. I use my Nars Multiple in South Beach almost daily. It's a great contour color/blush/bronzer. I use it just beneath the apples of my cheeks/cheekbone and then blend with my fingers. Just enough to look healthy but never enough to notice I'm wearing something.

8. Nars also makes a Duo in Copacabana and St. Barts - perfect highlight and contour shades. If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge Nars fan. [However, I do not like their Orgasm blush.]

9. Youngblood Mineral Rice Setting Powder has been my holy grail for about 10 years. My ex mother-in-law sold it in her salon and I've been hooked ever since. Lucky for me, my stylist sells it here, too. This shit is bananas, Peeps. Perfect sheer coverage but buildable if you want more. Use a little or use it everywhere. Add a drop of water to a pinch of it in your hand and you have the perfect concealer - like, perfect. I can even sprinkle a bit into my moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer. I've gone swimming and my blemishes were still relatively concealed. And I can be lazy and sleep with this on without any clogging - ever. I will never use anything else.

10. I dislike peachy-nudes myself, so I love this neutral nude Chanel 559 in Frenzy. Can't find it though.

11. On a whim, I picked this mascara up the last time mine ran out. It is a favorite now, for sure. Very reliable and doesn't smudge. Lashes for days.

12. I do love Benefit's They're Real, however it is not my most favorite. The applicator is stellar, but the formula smudges on me by the end of the day. I still love it, but wish it came in a waterproof version.

13. My go-to gloss right now is Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Pink Diamond. Sheer, with a kick!

14. If I'm feeling saucy, I'll whip out my Revlon Just Bitten balm stain. The colors are rich, they don't budge, and they don't feel like anything on your lips. Kissable!

15. I'm loving the sparkly eye smudge look right now - and this is a great tutorial. Do you read You should!

16. I'd like to try this Essie polish in No Place Like Chrome. So cool!

17. I use Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes for Sensitive Skin every night now. I used to use a Clinique toner to cleanse every evening, but I think it became too harsh for my face now that I'm a billion years old. I've been wanting to try towelettes forever and when I saw these at Target (and quickly googled check on their fab reviews), I picked them up. Super comfortable to use and they remove every trace of makeup.

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