May 1, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Amen, Audrey. Amen.

2. I love this sweatshirt. I can't find the source so I can't tell if it is DIYed with masking tape (still love) or purchased. Just love it regardless.

3. I can't believe Urban Outfitters had this delicious dress and I didn't know about it until it was sold out. Love it.

4. One day I will make it to a store where they sell Hasbeen boots and I will try on a pair and decide if they are for me. Right now, looking at them in want is most definitely for me.

5. Yes.

6. WICKED design and color.

7. You know I love this because it doesn't match. It is perfect.

8. Let this be a lesson to you: use a blanket as a door on purpose. Very awesome.

9. What are the chances I could find a rattan chair in good condition at my thrift sometime soon? Yeah, yeah, I know. Probably pretty low. A girl can dream.

10. Love dipped baskets.

11. Praise God, I am His!

12. This darling weave inspired my son to take up weaving... like, immediately.  Just precious and totally manly at the same time. Create, Son, create!

All images are Pinned for sources.

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