May 22, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. We've got some serious amazingness going on here. I love the sweater, but the hair is so fabulous I kind of want to pass out. So effortless.

2. Please take me camping.

3. Krave jerky is all-natural and gluten free. It is the BEST jerky I have ever had - including the glutened stuff. You can find it at Target!

4. One day I'd love to have a coop. This one is perfect.

5. Hot dogs + garlic + red Kool Aid = catfish/bass bait.  We shall see.

6. This picture makes me want to find a vintage rug and turn it into a jacket.

7. Love the components of this outfit. Black on black is my favorite and she's strapped it up! Love.

8. I'd never be able to afford these Christian Leboutins, but a girl can dream.

9. Awesome comfy outfit right here. Booties are still my fave.

10. This is so boho fabulous.

11. Handwritten and framed - your vows, a poem, or song lyrics. Stunning.

12. Washi tape wall. Killer!

13. Such a sweet little room!

14. This is the cutest birthday idea!

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