May 29, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Swoon.

2. I love this tile, the shelves, the vintage cups - all of it.

3. Darling little person room. I am kind of obsessed with that hello pillow.

4. And wall hangings. Also obsessed with wall hangings.

5. I'd love a leather jacket someday. This one is awesome.

6. This looks like the best (completely freaking sold out) tee!

7. Wow. Adore this.

8. Love the mix of casual shirt and cocktail dress. Perhaps more of us should try it.

9. I'm looking forward to flannel shirts tucked into jean shorts this summer.

10. Awesome blanket.

11. I seriously MAD love this living room.

12. This back porch makes me want to move to Georgia immediately and I couldn't tell you why, but I LOVE this back porch. It is so amazing.

13. Awesome backyard furniture and decor, yo!

14. Everyone needs as many heart stickers as possible. I plan to gift some to my girls when school starts just because.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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