June 23, 2014


Keystone is just north of Custer State Park on rt 16A. Well, there are multiple ways to get to Keystone but that's our favorite. It brings you up and over a mountain instead of around it. At the top of the mountain is the Norbeck lookout. Across from which are these guys.

Hello, Founding Fathers! I mean seriously. How gorgeous! And also... how tiny we are in this great big world we live in.

The weather was kind of spotty as we drove through Keystone on the first night, toward our campground. So we stopped in some of our favorite shops. First, the Native American store.. my absolute favorite spot. We found a collection of horses that Mabel would squeal over.

Always fresh taffy.

I read recently that when we are on vacation, creativity abounds. Everything becomes potential inspiration. This vacation certainly provided plenty of inspiration. Most of that inspiration came from the authentic Native American sculpture, artifacts, and history. When I was little, we studied the Indians indigenous to our area - the Shawnee. My brother took me to an outdoor play of Tecumseh and I was hooked. In LOVE with these people and their history. My heart breaks for all that they endured and yet, they have persevered in so many ways. Now I live in an area that celebrates the Sioux and while on vacation, I am blessed enough to experience a piece of their history.

While in Keystone, my favorite smell found me... rain on hot concrete.

And I disovered a new place to shop during this visit to the Hills. A quaint rock store where I spent almost an hour touching, squealing, and talking minerals with a mountain man. Did I ever mention I was a rock collector as a child? Ohmyheavens. My husband watched me a smiled and then carried the back of rocks I picked around for the rest of the day. He's my favorite, that guy.

Like her mama, Moo Rae loves some rocks and minerals. I can't wait to show her what I brought home for her collection!

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