June 24, 2014

Rock On

Oh for serious. If you're not a rockhound like Mabes and me, you can skip this post. But I can't wait to show my baby girl what I picked out for her while we visited the Black Hills.

This tiny shop had bulk minerals by the pound and then smaller specimens (2" or so in diameter) for 50 cents each. FIFTY CENTS. Most of the rocks are indigenous to the Black Hills. Are we lucky to live around here or what?

As a child, I collected rocks and minerals. So I was like a kid in a candy store in this quaint little store!

The agate, selenite, and amethyst are my favorites. Hayley loves the aventurine we brought home. Only a few more weeks until Mabel can tell me her favorites.

Next time, I'll buy some larger rocks, too. At $2 per pound, we're talking a total score for the real thing. Agate bookends, here I come!

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