June 12, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Always. Just keep swimming, like Dory said!

2. I love this photo arrangement. The white frames blend beautifully into the white walls and the photos take center stage.

3. You know, I'm a sucker for layers and these are superb.

4. I'd have to sell my kidney to afford this Calypso St. Barth tank top, but it sure is pretty!

5. Oh, these are the best outfits!

6. Love these pear and bacon bites - what healthy appetizers!

7. Summer is time for sometimes treats, like Joanna Goddard's banana bites. They'd be delish frozen, no?

8. Cooked spaghetti squash + meaty marinara + mozzarella = AWESOMENESS

9. This is such a beautiful kitchen. I mean. WHITE.

10. If ever there were a uniform, truly, it would be a blue oxford shirt and black skirt. Love the Birks, too.

11. Such a darling outfit.

12. I know a Moo who needs these for back to school!

13. Love these Salt City Emporium leggings. How cute!

14. Whilst trying to decide on how long to keep growing my hair, I came upon this photo and thought long and hard about wearing braids again. My heart pitter patted.

15. One of my favorite Bible verses, on a print from Print & Be Merry on Etsy.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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