June 3, 2014

Thrifting = Quality Time

Before the kids left for the summer we girls went thrifting. It is a fine plan when I declare thrifting on the agenda. Both Hayley and Mabel start whooping and jumping. They LOVE it. On this occasion we stopped at three or four places and all of us made out.

Everyone has fun picking out things to try on. Every garment had a lift before we touched it and there is respect in that.

If our kids stop and consider upcycling something or buying something used even once as an adult, I will have done my job properly. There is far too much waste in this world (among other things). I want them to understand that being spoiled with things and privileges is the opposite of God's intention. We want them to be obedient, EARN privileges and work hard for things. And even then, understand that all of those things need to point to Jesus.

Going to a thrift store is not shopping for garbage. I suppose some may have that attitude, but I think God gave us brains and a will to use things to the best of our abilities. Why throw something away when it is perfectly good? When we thrift we look for things that are not broken or torn, and not stained or stretched out. And never once have we been unable to find something we're looking for, as long as we're patient (case in point right now: overalls!).

I am immensely proud that not one of our children rolls their eyes at the thought of resale clothing. Not one of them would rather go to the mall and get brand new things instead. They simply see it as an additional procurement option.

My best and most excited thrifter is Miss Hayley. She's tall enough to be able to shop in both the girls' section and the women's section (and modest enough to watch her necklines, God love her) so she has some serious fun trying on everything. In fact on the day that I took these photos, we spent over an hour occupying three dressing rooms! And holy book section, Batman! I've gotta drag that child out by her eyebrows when I'm ready to leave. LOVE that.

I'll tell you what else is tucked between those racks of clothing: quality time. The kids and I spend time together talking and listening. The girls talk about boys and periods and scraped knees and hurt feelings. They ask about Jesus and life and more boys (lawsie with the boys!). They ask me about my day and we plan crafts and more quality time. Quality time really is that easy.

I can't wait until my 3 get back and the girls and I can hit up our favorite spots together again. Hales and I will have to make do in the meantime, I reckon. Twist my arm. Not.

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