July 14, 2014

Hot Yoga

Over the past several months my body underwent significant changes as I began a life without grains of any kind. Though I do not try to lose weight, that's what happened. Not a lot, but enough. I figure I must be at the size I am supposed to be because my weight doesn't fluctuate anymore. But, ya'll, I am too jiggly. I want to tone up!

Also having a bad-assed shoulder cap tattoo has pushed me toward higher body awareness since I'm going to be exposing my arm all the time. Get what I'm saying?

I've never been a gymrat. Won't ever be. But I attended classes yoga and pilates classes 3x week after Andrew was born. I went for months and really felt a transformation in strength and tone. Shoes was not fond of me being out of the house for 3 extra hours a week nor of me focusing on myself, so I stopped going (I know, pisses me off now, too). But, you guys, I LOVED it. Pilates, especially.

Recently I started going to classes again. I found a place near our home that is spectacular and affordable. I attend hot yoga sessions with weights twice a week. It's about 100 degrees in the room with 90% humidity during the one hour sessions. It's an inversion class, too, so I spend most of that time in downward dog or some variation of it. They should call it Ugly Yoga because I look ridiculous when I leave, however I feel amazing. In the few short weeks I've been attending classes, I've toned things that I didn't realize had fallen and I generally feel like I could kick someone's ass if they bully me too hard. Not that I would do that.

On weekends they offer a yoga barre class - as in a ballet barre. I called my mother and told her how excited I was to be doing ballet for the first time at my age. I was also concerned that I'd fall and break a hip because graceful I am not. The barre class is exceptional and a lot like pilates. We used bands, a ball, and a roller for resistance training. The barre is for balance and stretching, not pliƩs. It's basically a whole lot of using your own body as a weapon, which I am highly into.

I did get horrible blisters after the first sculpt class, but as my thighs and calves have become more flexible, I can now place the balls of my feet square on my mat during downward dog instead of balancing on my toes. My wrists were sore until my arms stretched and I learned how to plant my palms into the mat to absorb that pressure, too.

One of the most meaningful things about doing something to take care of myself again is that I (now) have a husband who is incredibly supportive, tells me to keep it up because I look great, and holds down the fort for a couple of hours so I can go to class. He's encouraged me to go after this, full force. As a surprise reward, my favorite instructor happens to play Christian music during and after her class - so while she kicks my butt during, I am part of a much greater movement to win souls for Christ after. I mean, how cool is that?

Nearly 2,000 calories burned in each class, they say. I am drinking 2-3 liters of water a day, too. Here's to health. If you're not looking after yours, you should be. Doing anything is doing something. Go after it - you'll be happy you did.


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