July 17, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. If you are like me and have pink thumbs instead of green, you may appreciate this list as much as I did. Except the snake plants will kill a cat.  That sucks.

2. I should tattoo this on my forehead.

3. Dream chandelier. Honestly.

4. Cool bathroom art.

5. Probably a favorite bathroom of all time. Love the floors and the white tile.

7. I love this gorgeous kitchen!

8. Open shelves are my jam.

9. This quilt stole my heart the second I saw those glasses.

10. Lettuce cup tacos - super easy to make, delicious, and crazy healthy for you.

11. Shift dresses make me want to be 11 again.

12. Arm tat! Arm tat!

13. Queen Maya. Yes.

14. I love these pants!

15. Would you roll your eyes to know I'm dreaming of white Birks? Yeah. It's true.

16. I do not know the name of this pose, but I know I've done it several times. So relaxing.

All images are Pinned for sources.

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