July 24, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Love me some Damsel In Dior. She has great style. Love this basic outfit.

2. Sigh. And this one, too.

3. A tuxedo shirt is on my thrift short list. This is killer.

4. Kitty plus girl arm tats? OMG.

5. Ascot+Hart, you've stolen mine.

6. Still my favorite mani.

7. You know Andrew saw this and sucked wind. 

8. I'm seriously praying that Freshly Picked decides to make larger youth and adult moccasins one day.

9. Hello, beautiful living room.

10. Gosh, this one steals my heart, too. Look at that wall! Love the mix of black and white, color prints, and artwork.

11. This one is also fabulous.

12. I will always and forever love Eames chairs and wooden tables.

13. This simple snack looks delicious! Cottage Cheese (Daisy brand is gluten free), fresh veggies, avocado, and salt & pepper.

14. I've been bitten by the weaving craze and want to make one by Christmas. We'll see.

15. Well this is clearly not work appropriate, but I love this! That hair length looks perfect, too.

16. Awesome hair ideas!

17. AMEN.

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