July 16, 2014


I am a running crazy person right now, so I cannot promise this post will be length enough to be worth posting or that any of it will even make any sense.  I do apologize in advance.

The kids come back home this Saturday. To say we are excited or that we look forward to their faces would be a colossal understatement of embarrassing magnitude. Both of us are beside ourselves with happiness, truly.

The doors are all hung downstairs (Glory to God and praise, praise, praise!) with exception of the 18” linen closet, which is on special order and has not yet arrived. Perhaps it, too, will be up before Saturday.  The side steps are fixed from the rain washout, the lawn is being groomed by my horticulturalist husband so that its ready for football feet, new succulents have been selected for the inside of the house, a hanging plant will be potted tonight for the girls’ room, and so on and so on.

I cannot stop listening to the soundtrack from The Fault In Our Stars.  Boom-Clap spins constantly.

In the midst of all of this, I have nearly finished a quilt. It’s a simple quilt, but an accomplishment nonetheless. I picked up the final 2 yards of Kona cotton with a 50% off coupon last night. Once its added to the backing, I will be dropping the quilt off with Topquilter Mary so that she can work her magic.

Also in the midst of crazy, I have been SCRAPBOOKING. I know, don’t choke on your tongues, but it is true. What began as an itch to paint paper and get messy with glue became an outright Project Life obsession. I have made 50 pages (nope, not kidding) over the past couple of weeks. Even better? I drug Lulu back into the scrappy world right along with me. Bwahahahahahaha (that was an evil laugh there). I have enjoyed freehanding some larger pages, but the 6x8 Project Life has my heart. More on that in another post, mmm-kay?

Hayley has been scrapbooking also and the girl has made more pages than I have. Booyah.

I have reorganized the house, resituated the kids’ rooms, and cleaned like a madwoman.

I am preparing the final grocery list before the kids come home, too. It’s an entirely different animal, cooking for a family of 6. I have missed it. Mabel has requested spaghetti about 11 times this summer. I will probably make it the day after they get back.  I’ll sautee up some zucchini for myself – it’s quite yummy with homemade spaghetti sauce on it.

Speaking of the Moo Moo – she is counting down the days. I’m quite sure she wakes up and literally shouts, “4 days until we go home!”  That’s not to say they haven’t had fun because I know that they have. It gives me peace that they have.  But yes, they are excited to come back, too. Their lives are here. Their friends are here.

Trevor starts football practice next Monday. 48 hours after he gets back. So Sunday will be all about buying new cleats and gloves (because those certainly won’t come home with him, sadly) – but Bryon is looking forward to gearing up our big boy. He’ll play for the 8th grade school team this year and please join me for a moment (many moments) of prayer wherein we beg God not to crush him by way of a 175-pounder.  He has several of those on his team. Trev JUST hit 100 lbs himself. Gulp.

Andrew is anxious to get home and play Minecraft. And Legos. And make Chewbacca noises. Man, I have missed his Chewbacca noises. 

I have missed Trevor’s eyebrows. Is that weird? My son is becoming a man and I am honored to be able to watch and shape it. I’m sure this fall will bring much more explaining that we are raising them to honor GOD’S expectations, not the world’s. That means we aren’t so concerned with little folks’ social calendars, iPhones, play dates, or mall-shopping. Um… no. There is a time and place for all of those things, but they are not primary. God and family is primary. Homework is next.

I am also filled with JOY over the 9 weeks spent with Hayley this summer. We spent a ton of quality time making the mundane special and teaching her how to do new things. While running errands we talked about God and boys and family and friends and we had some of the BEST conversations. We jumped on the trampoline together and scrapbooked – even DAD  helped scrapbook! We talked a lot about what the transition was like for the kids to go and then come home 2 months later (as you can imagine, it does take a toll on everyone). We rocked out to Boom Clap with Dad, too. And - given my new love of yoga, she's spent quite a lot of time tooling around with her old man alone, going this place and that and planning out projects with him. Bryon has been fortunate enough to work less than he has in quite a while – part of a commitment to enjoy life together and find beauty and joy in the everyday moments.  That meant more weekends at the lake fishing with Hales, time at home, more time to work together on projects, and play together. It was a wonderful summer with her.

We also had lots of alone time to do adult things. Nod and wink and giggle and such.

Yoga sculpt is still kick-ass.

New job is going amazeballs.

My brother in law asked to join us at LifeLight this year and my husband told his boss about it by saying, “I get to worship with my brother this year at LifeLight.” You guys, I am thrilled that my brother in law is coming. But I am also thrilled that my husband is so proud of his faith and love of Christ. Wow.

Life is good. 

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