July 23, 2014


You all may have noticed that the blog has suffered a bit as of late. There are a couple of reasons for that.

First, the kids came back home last Saturday. Or rather, we drove several hours to meet Shoes halfway and then drove several hours again to bring them home. I am always so afraid that after spending 9 weeks away, they will have changed somehow, that they won't be as kind or respectful or loving to me because I'm "the devil" on their dad's side and all.

And yet, my children have remained true to who they are and I'm so proud. Very respectful of both of us, very helpful at home - jumping back into chore routines and helping out. KIND. My oldest as been attached to my hip since he's returned and since he is more than 3 INCHES taller, I can almost stare him down. Which is helpful when he gets mouthy. Andrew is lovey-dovey Andrew and loves jumping on the trampoline. And Moo Rae? Yeah. She's mommy's girl. All up in my grill and that is a-ok.

Hayley came over on Monday and it was super to watch them all reacquaint. Within moments she was running through the house laughing at Andy and Mabel and smiling a smile that hasn't been seen since May. She and Andy took dozens of posed photos outside, of flowers, and of grass. Then they all 3 scrapbooked together.

So yes, that. I taught Mabel how to scrap on Sunday. I figured I would start her off small (hmmm - maybe I should write a post on this) with just a few fun supplies - and see what happened. Hayley's been at it for a couple of weeks now and she LOVES it. Well, so did Moo. As I explained to her how to scrap, Andrew wandered past and was immediately intrigued. He has always loved bookmaking and crafts - always. So scrapbooking for him is a no-brainer.

Mabel completed 14 pages her first day. Each one had a subject, a title, and some journaling. And a sticker sneeze. Glory!

Andrew completed 12 pages his first day. He prefers brown kraft paper and sticker alphas. His pages are very masculine and will fit in nicely with the newspaper he created last year. And he could care less that Trevor thinks scrapbooking is for girls. Andrew does what Andrew loves - period.

In addition to the chaos of the kids returning home, I have made time to scrap as well. My pages tell a very personal story. Triumph and rebirth - the entire implosion of my previous life needs to come out and stick to something now. Some will be unfit for posting on this blog because well - there is such a thing as a rage page, y'all. Sometimes its important to just get it out. Also some of my pages have swear words that my mama doesn't need to read. So that is captivating some of my attention and rather than write blog posts in my head, I've been creating scrapbook pages in there. Happens and all.

So I'm not going anywhere. But it might be a bit quieter as I explore this other creative part of my brain.

Also my quilt has been delivered to Topquilter Mary and will be back in just a couple of weeks. I cannot WAIT.

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