August 5, 2014

Back To Normal

My 3 have been back from their dad's for two weeks now and we are settling back into what normal feels like. I am happy to report that the house is once again loud and chaotic and we LIKE IT that way. Also, my kids are big mouths and I know where they get that from.

Bedtimes are being readjusted because rest is important and school starts in a couple of weeks.

Vegetables every day.

Everyone wants to be on the trampoline 24/7 or out riding bikes with their friends in the neighborhood.

Mabel's hair has grown long enough to achieve a messy bun. She looks darling. Messy buns are perfect for fishing, too.

Trevor is very intrigued with my power yoga. In one afternoon, he accomplished the crane pose. I'm very proud. Can't wait to take him with me to a class!

While school shopping I realized my son is almost a man. I mean, seriously. I realize he has 5 years left before he is legally an adult, but would you please look at that adam's apple forming there? He has my dad's broad shoulders and his voice dropped a bit over the summer. He can't even wear kid jeans or shoes anymore. A man-child. It's a bit scary, yo.

This one came back with more freckles. Man, I love his freckles. He's been my snuggle bear. Actually, he's been everyone's snuggle bear. He favorite thing is to crawl up on the couch with Bryon and tuck into his side. Usually wrestling follows, but not always. He's a lover, this one.

Hayley is thrilled the kids are back, too.

Onward, August. Here we come!

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