August 26, 2014

Elementary Scrapooking, My Dear Mabel

So the Moo Rae came back from her dad's house all eager to scrap with her mama. I told her that I taught Hayley about scrapbooking while they were gone, so Mabel was eager to catch up.

I had a feeling she would want to join the fun, so I went through all of my old scrap supplies and put together a little "kit" for her that included the following:

solid papers, cut to 8"x8"  (to keep it simple, I chose this size and pretrimmed the paper)
patterned papers, cut to 8"x8"
also, stickers
large purple glue stick
safety scissors
embellishments like alphas, buttons, or gems 
container - hers was a shoebox to start, has since upgraded to a drawer

I wanted teaching the little girls about memory keeping to be fun and not stressful. I wanted to keep it easy and age-appropriate for them. On Mabel's first day, I told her why I scrapbook - to capture memories forever and celebrate my favorite things, moments, and people. I explained that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to document memories. But I did ask her to follow some rules.

1. Be respectful. Clean up your supplies when you are finished and no markers on the carpet or scissors in the bed. Don't waste!
2. Tell the story. Write something about your picture, or a favorite memory.

That's it. She was free to use as many or as few photos, papers, or embellishments as she wanted. She knew the background had to be 8x8, but after that, I didn't guide her. Like, at all.

She took to it like a duck to water.

She asked me what year this baby photo of her was taken, and then wrote "2008" at the top. I love her woodpecker.

She loved the gemstones I had in my stash.

I even found a photo of her and her grandma back east. She scrapped that right up!

Mercy, she was proud. I couldn't believe how great she was doing with ZERO bossing from me.

Oh for cute!

Who says an elementary schooler cannot scrapbook? I would argue that her memories are even more important than mine. And so she scrapbooks almost every day. When I get home she says, "Mom, I made [this many] pages today," and my heart swells dang near out of my chest. Love, love, love, love, LOVE.

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  1. This is absolutely priceless! Those pages (and the practice of documenting) are going to be such a treasure in years to come.