August 22, 2014

Glory Be, The Last Door

While the kids were back east with their dad for 9 weeks, Bryon and I worked on finishing the basement (among other things).

After years struggling with solid wood, 6-panel oak doors that were stained and then reprimed to go with white woodwork... we donated those 5 doors to Habitat for Humanity and moved on. The doors simply would not work in the jambs left by our builder. Hmpf. I could write paragraphs on how and why and tell you all of the cursewords than ran through our heads, but it was time to cut our losses and move on.

We moved on to Menards's, who was having a sale on solid core, 6-panel white doors. These suckers are heavy and sturdy - and sound proof! My amazing husband hauled them home with me, busted out his air compressor and tools, and hung all of those doors in two days - except for one.

The linen closet was a special-order 18" door and when it arrived and came home in the truck, we had a little door party that looked like this:

Glory be! Thank you Jesus!

And also Menard's, for having that sale on the exact weekend we had free to do doors.

Mabel, Hayley, and Trev can now pick their noses in privacy.

They have each been issued the same warning, however: privacy is a privilege and not a right. Do not do naughty things behind closed doors. No friends of the opposite sex in your room. And a slammed door becomes mine immediately.


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