August 25, 2014

Hello, Project Life

I still have some readers who remember when I used to scrapbook like it was going out of style. Pregnant with Mabel and all that jazz. And then our lives exploded, we moved and moved again, and then I scrapped a little and met a man who rocked my world - and scrapbooking did, in fact, go out of style. For me anyway.

It's been four years since I scrapped. Yes, I was kind of shocked, too.

One day this summer I felt wild and free and rebirthed with my new job and yoga classes - I felt unstuck, creatively. Bryon had a heavy hand in it but I can't tell you how because well, you know, we were naked and giggling and that'swhatmarriageisabout. Ahem. But I got unstuck, creatively - is what I'm saying.

I got up the next morning and my brain was on FIRE with creative ideas. I suddenly wanted to write and paint and scrap and sew. I wanted to reorganize every closet and made dozens of lists.

The first thing I did was make the quilt I've had on my mind for a while. I got it off to Topquilter Mary (more on this in a separate post) and then started hunting for scrapbooking inspiration. For the first time in four years.

I found the most inspiration in the form of PROJECT LIFE.  Project Life is a type of scrapbooking, where instead of adhering everything to a piece of paper, you use page protectors that have 3x4 or 4x6 slots in them. It cuts down on the planning and execution and totally allows all of the same creativity.  I have been so inspired by the girls over at Studio Calico (

And because we are each other's person, you know I had to tell Mindy what I was lusting about and you know she picked up and did it with me. Project Life will cure a scrap hiatus in a hurry, let me tell you!

Many people just ... scrap. They scrap whatever they want. Others do a weekly book, where one or two pages will document a week in your life. Mindy is doing a monthly.

These are some of my pages from my personal book. It's a scrapbook that is only for me. It's OF me and for me and includes some very personal journaling, which previously has never had a home in my scrapbooks. Not all of it is serious; some of it simply documents who I am as a human. Some of it is simply an excuse to get paint on my fingers.

In addition to my personal book, I've begun scrapping Project Life in a weekly format for 2014.  I have weeks 11-31 completed so far and it feels amazing! I will share more pages soon. Look me up on Studio Calico, as I post there as well.

I love scrapbooking again and I'm so excited about that.

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