August 11, 2014

The Little Fisherwoman

It was Mabel's turn to have some fishing lessons with Daddy. He woke her up at 5am and I could hear his muffled voice from our room, "Mabel, want to go fishing today?"  The kid popped up out of the bed and shouted, "Yes!" and was dressed and upstairs in literally one minute.

She was in charge of worms. She divided them and handed them to Daddy to load up her hooks. She hauled in several catfish and a smallmouth bass. Oh for the love of pete, my dad in Heaven did a backflip when she caught that bass, I know he did.

She studied the fishing guide, too, and read all of the fishing limits.

She was peaceful and sat (mostly) quietly. Just waiting for her fish and watching the pelicans.

Eventually, Daddy got a big walleye. She wasn't too fond of his sharp teeth even though he was dead, but she was proud to be his assistant when they got home to clean him.

He was delicious.

I'm so proud of her. God gave us this big beautiful world full of fish and animals to respect and replenish our bodies with. And what beautiful memories! Best to learn early, I say.

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