August 7, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Above all, Friends... this.

2. Oh the midcentury dresser, the round mirror, and the snake plant in a basket make me SWOON.

3. Well this is fabulous hair.

4. Adore this. Lightweight for summer and totally professional.

5. Me and the doubled-banded Birks (the official name for them escapes me just now) might have to revisit things this fall. When nubbly socks start begging to be worn with them.

6. Ah yes. Fall is coming. And so are booties!

7. Love this pink stadium coat!

8. Gorgeous living room. So totally love the white walls and high ceilings.

9. Dear chesterfield sofa, please come live at my house forever. Amen.

10. And don't let anyone tell you that wood paneling is cheesy. Because, this. And the Eames chair.

11. Might be my favorite color of bathroom tile.

12. Okay, black and white together is my favorite color of bathroom tile.

13. Obsessed with round mirrors much?

14. Love this white tile and natural wood together, too.

15. It's time for us to buy a grown up sheet set for our king bed. It will be grey and white for sure. Maybe stripes because this is just heavenly. I loooove masculine bedding.

16. The credenza stole my heart. But then there has to be a plant vignette on it, too? I die!

17. GASP. This paneling is the shit!

18. There should be room for a hammock in every house. One with a pillow!

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