August 14, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Sometimes!

2. I have a kiddo who needs these badassed shoes. I had a pair in high school - granted my Docs were plain black combat and not floral - but these are amazeballs.

3. Dear JCrew, lower prices. Mmmm-kay? Love this skirt!

4. This coat from Zara is amazing.

5. I adore this living room. Warm and rich and lived in.

6. Love this.

7. I am certain one of these will exist in my life. Right now, its in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I'm'a gonna go get it soon.

8. LOVE this sink and mirror. SO simple and perfect.

9. Beautiful mix of styles. Love this bedroom.

10. And this one.

11. I absolutely LOVE this rug.

12. My Andy Roo needs this in his room.

13. Hello, Beautiful. Seriously love her style.

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