August 1, 2014

Welcome, August

The month of crazy has arrived. This by far is the most chaotic, clogged month on the calendar for our family of 6.  It’s the month I usually dread but this year does feel a bit more solid for us. Perspective perhaps? I think yes.

In order we have the following on tap:

Nana’s birthday
Football pads and gear hand out
Meeting with LifeLight ministry
School district registration day (which takes about 6 hours on site, me plus kids, and costs about $300 for all school fees at once)
Nightly football practice starts
Final school clothes and supplies
School orientation for the 1st grader
Middle school orientation for the 7th and 8th graders
School orientation for the 4th grader
Haircuts for the boys
School starts  
Lego camp for Andy?
Before-school drop offs for football drills for Trevor
Football games once a week for Trevor
Volleyball practice starts
Volleyball games every Saturday for Hayley
Gymnastics once a week for Mabel
Yoga every Wednesday for mama
Last basement door needs installed
Final trips up to the lake with the kids
Book Nana’s flights for a visit (yes, I did just say that – whoop!)

Now I’m off to write this up on our chalk wall so that I can keep everything straight! 

And once again, this blog will be a bit quieter these days. I’m busy creating!  I’ll be back periodically. Love you all.

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