September 2, 2014

The Boy Who Scrapped

You all, Andrew George turned 12. I know, I know - WOW. And, Praise God. We are so blessed by him.

On the same day that I taught Mabel how to scrapbook, my brand new 12 year old ducked his head under my arm and looked at me with his freckly, eyelashy, dimpled face and asked if he could also scrapbook.

Hell yes you can, Son. And don't you let one person tell you that a boy can't. Might even let you punch them if they try.

Andrew is SO creative. Holy smokes. This really shouldn't have surprised me.

I quickly sorted through the stack of patterned paper that I held onto from four years ago and pulled out anything teen boyish. NOT childish - but boy. I also handed him a stack of kraft paper because well, I know my son. He loves to customize everything. Solids. Boy.  He didn't want any stickers (which is good because I was fresh out of stickers he'd like) but he loved the alphas, hard.

Again, I directed him toward 8"x8" to start because I was equipped with the page protectors already. Then I handed him a stack of pictures that I'd pulled aside for him already. Just in cases.

While he made his pages, he browsed Pinterest for mini album ideas.

For the love of tiny, little precious baby boys in camo pants. *I faint.*

As the afternoon passed and he continued to scroll through mama's Pinterest, Andy noticed Project Life. And he fell in love with it. He loves details and things arranged in chronological order so I shouldn't have been surprised by this either.

In the meantime, my son made some very handsome and artistic pages. Entirely on his own. Zilch on help from Mama.

I allowed him to go through my Project Life 3x4 cards (many of them are printed) and he kept a hearty stack.

Love this art page he made using one of my favorite 3x4 cards:

So this little nugget received some Project Life goodies for his birthday! So excited for him! He's a big 7th grader now.

I'm so proud of him.

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