October 20, 2014

Moo Does Jenga

The birthday girl got some games this year, namely Jenga and Candyland.

After everyone left, Mabel saddled up to the island counter with her kitty surprise (oh my word, that thing). We decided to play some Jenga.

She said she is an expert because she played over the summer at her dad's. Okay then, sassafrass with the big girl teeth. Show me.

I learned that she is not an expert at using only one hand at a time (yet). But for our game, I decided it was okay.

Soon enough, kitty surprise had to move aside because homegirl got serious.

A few moves later, kitty joined again. Mabel's topknot looks delicious from this angle. She has such yummy hair. Anyway.

Unfortunately, the Jenga stack fell on her next move. She was not dismayed - not even a little. She's forever chipper, forever happy-go-lucky, and forever the child that will make my hair gray.

Happy birthday, Moolicious.

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